Your Art Work:
We are honored that you have chosen the photographic prints of Fall River Photography to grace your work of art; your life. We send our photographic prints out to you with the blessings of love, peace, joy and gratitude. 

Limited Editions:
Fall River Photography releases all of its images in a Limited Edition format. The edition number is all inclusive of the total number of photographs that will be printed. After the all the edition numbers are sold that photograph will never again be printed as a photographic print, making Your Art Work a truely unique work of art. Fall River Photography photographic prints are of the finest quality and highest archival permanence. All Fall River Photography photographs are printed exclusively on fade free archival papers with fade free archival inks. All Limited Edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity, are signed by the artist and numbered. 

Black and White Prints:
All Black and White photographic prints represent an original visualization of the image in Black and White and thus the photographic print is made from a Black and White negative original.

The limited edition photographic prints produced by Fall River Photography are framed with a custom mat and frame combination that the artist feels best compliments the image. This frame and mat combination is chosen during the creation of the Master Print and is extended as the choice for all Limited Edition prints. We use only acid-free mats and fine quality wood frames to complete your framed image. Every image is meticulously framed with the highest standard of craftsmanship and inspected to ensure uncompromising quality. 

If you desire to personalize your art work with your own mat and framing combination by all means please do so. Art is personal and we would be honored.

Photo Sizing
For prints, photos are printed at the size you select to purchase from the drop down list, i.e. the photo dimension is 16x20. We add a 2 inch border for the matting process. For framed prints the dimension will be similar; photo size plus 2 inches for the matt. The final outside dimension will be dependent on the frame that is used. Generally, the larger the photograph is the larger the frame width will be. You can email us if you need to know the frame width.

The lighting that you provide for Your Art Work is extremely important for the best viewing experience.  Your Art Work is optimized for what is called 'Daylight ' light temperature.  Try to use a bulb that provides a 'Daylight' light temperature as this will further optimize the fidelity of Your Art Work.  Your Art Work is checked for print quality under
SoLux® 4700K temperature bulbs.  Please consult your local framer or photographic print gallery if you need further assistance with your lighting.

Nature View Glass: 
Effective immediately all Fall River Photography framed photographic prints will utilize Nature View glass. The color fidelity of an exquisite photographic print is smothered by standard museum glass; Nature View glass allows the full fidelity of the image to pour forth and in our quest to create the most exquisite photographic print possible for Your Art Work it is incumbent upon us to utilize only the finest materials

Welcome to Fall River Photography!

I would like to personally welcome you to our Fine Art Landscape Photography and Fine Art Nature Photography web gallery.