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Clear Creek in Winter Cloth


Desert Castles

Devils Tower

Frozen In Time

Mountain Mine

Racing into Spring

Rock & Cloud


Welcome to Fall River Photography!

Thank you so much for coming over and visiting our online web gallery of Fine Art Black and White Landscape Photography prints. Black and White fine art photography is a very complex subject with a very rich history. Fine art Black and White landscape photography is but a subset of this time tested medium but has a history all of its own. This history is what I would like to discuss for a moment. I have a great amount of respect and reverence for the work of my predecessors and I consider working in the Black & White medium a honor as well as a responsibility to this particular art form. Black and White fine art photography is one of the most expressive mediums used for communicating form as defined by light and there have been masters of this expression whose work will be revered forever. Ansel Adams of course, comes to mind. Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Minor White, Paul Strand are among others. I do not compete with these legends but I hope to honor the medium that they chose with the work that I do.

Fine art black and white landscape photography is an extremely demanding yet amazingly expressive form of communication of the beauty of nature as we find it. Having color stripped from the equation make one see more powerfully in ways that are not necessarily obvious at other times. The light for a black and white photograph is the most critical component however, interestingly enough fine art black and white photography is much more forgiving of the range of light that is used. What is not forgivable in a fine art black & white landscape photograph is lack of impact. The land, under fine art black and white photography light, cries out for you to honor it with the power of impression and to fail to do so is a waste of your time and a waste of good film.

Well having said all of that, let’s get back to why you are here. Welcome to our online web gallery of our selection of Fine art black and white landscape photography. I do hope you enjoy browsing and please make yourself at home here in our gallery. Our Fine Art Black & White landscape prints are for sale of course, or just for your viewing pleasure, whatever suits you, please enjoy. I would like to point out that our current collection of fine art black & white landscape prints are made from original images created on film. These fine art black & white landscape photographs are then scanned on a drum scanner for perfect reproduction and then digitally mastered for unparalleled image fidelity.

Thanks again for dropping in, I sincerely hope that you will stop by our online gallery often to view our Fine art nature photography and fine art landscape photography. Our collection of black and white photographs will grow as we continue our work in Alaska so please stop back to check on our gallery offering for fine art black & white landscape photographs.