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After the Storm

Aspen Roadway

Aspens in Glow

Bent Not Broken

Black & Red

Boat & Ice Water

Bursting Through Aspens

Buttermilk in the Morning

Cinnamon Mountain

Clear Creek in Winter Cloth

Color of the Falls

Cut for Glory

Dancing in the Sky


Desert Castles

Devils Tower

First Snow

Frozen In Time

Hanging Bell

High Country Aspen
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Welcome to Fall River Photography!

Thank you for coming to visit our Fine Art Landscape Photography online web gallery. We are please to present to you these fine art landscape prints for your viewing please and for purchase. I would like to take a moment before you proceed to the online web gallery to provide a little information regarding our process for creating these fine art landscape photographs and our process for bringing these fine art landscape prints to our online web gallery and then onward to your own home or office for your enjoyment.

We create our fine art images initially using several different formats for image capture. A fine art landscape photograph must have light and depth and feel and to create the subsequent fine art landscape print requires the highest quality of original media for initial capture. My most consistent choice for my fine art landscape work is the venerable 4x5 large format film camera. This camera style, large format, has been around since the inception of photography and there is a tremendous amount of history that goes in hand with using a camera of this type. Ansel owned and worked in 4x5 large format in addition to many other large format film formats. Edward Weston, Minor White, Eliot Porter, Paul Strand all used the 4x5 large format camera to create some of histories most enduring and endearing fine art landscape photographs. It is a camera without equal for technical precision and image capture perfection. The large format lenses available to day to work with are world class and produce details that are breath taking to behold. Large format transparency film is a beauty to behold and is still regarded as the best medium to begin work on a fine art print with. Fine art landscape photography provides so much information to the viewer that details are a critical component of the composition and the larger the original media the better those details transfer to a fine art photographic print.

Next up is the medium format camera that provides a large original capture area but reduces the necessary bulk of a large format technical camera. The medium format 6x7 is a natural for fine art landscape photography as it frames in a pleasing ratio that translates well to fine art photographic prints in a format that fits easily in busy living areas. The original media is again of the finest quality films available today and these films coupled with exquisite lenses provide the critical detail that is so essential in a fine art landscape print.

Next we address the ever progressing world of digital image capture. Digital photography has matured now to the point that small 35mm format cameras can capture image detail and retain it on a large fine art photographic print with the same excellence as a large format 4x5 camera. Digital capture has a added component of a much wider latitude or ability to capture a wider range of light than their film counter parts making photographs that were not possible 5 years ago a fine art landscape print today.

Fine art landscape photography and fine art landscape printing have matured greatly over the years but excellence and compelling imagery is a constant theme for successful fine art landscapes photographs and prints. Fine art landscape photography brings a shape and depth to places you know to present them in a way that you have not seen before. Fine art landscape photography brings to us images of places we have not yet even imagined of and provides for us to become intimate with places we may never see. In the process of gaining that intimate relationship to this place through a fine art landscape print the viewer will begin to see a things in the details of the print that only a fine art landscape print will reveal.

Printing fine art landscape photography on fine art papers is an art unto itself. Some photographers actually utilize a master printer for this process while others such as myself choose to make this an integral part of the artistic process. The choice of a fine art paper is responsible for revealing the subtle nuances of the fine art photograph that the artist wants to emphasize. The paper’s d-max is critical for providing the depth of the print as this is the factor for color depth and reveal in shadows. Of course there is no fit all answer and there in lies the esoteric art of fine art landscape print making. I have trained under Charles Cramer who is widely regarded as one of the finest fine art print makers in the world. We use only the finest tools and materials available to create our fine art prints and when it comes to large format landscape photography that is translated into a large format fine art landscape print the end result dictates the process. There is no compromise. From beginning to finish only the finest will suffice. Now, technology progresses, and as it does it is evaluated to be of use or not but for any given period of time only the best tools and materials are in use for the processing of our fine art landscape prints and fine art landscape photographs.

Thank you for taking the time to review our work and thank you for visiting our online web gallery of our fine art landscape photographs. It is an honor to have you here and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy viewing our fine art landscapes and encourage you to visit our other online fine art galleries when you are finished here. Our Fine Art Nature photography gallery is available, our fine art black & White photography gallery you may be interested in from this point, our panoramic fine art landscape photography gallery is a favorite of mine that you may want to enjoy.