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American Bald Eagle In Autumn

Arctic Loon On Nest

Arctic Loon Over Arctic Tundra

Arctic Loon Sunset

Arctic Thief

Caribou Sentinel

Clearing Storm - Valdez

Coming of Age

Emperor Geese in Izembek

Empire Canyon

Father and Son Foxes

Great Blue Heron-Alaska

Great Gray Owl Hunting

Great Gray Owl In Winter

Izembek Storm Light

King Eider Watchful

KodaChrome Pass - Denali National Park

Moose In Morning Mist
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Welcome to Fall River Photography!

Thank you for visiting our online gallery of Fine Art Nature Photography prints for sale and of course for your viewing pleasure. We are delighted to have you visit our fine art nature photography online gallery and we encourage you to enjoy yourself as you browse around.

We would like to point out that we are Alaska based fine art nature photographers and that we have the special privilege of photographing Alaska wildlife and arctic wildlife year round. We travel all over the great state of Alaska making our fine art nature photographs and we travel extensively to bring you the beauty of this wonderful state.

The Coastal Arctic holds a special place in my heart and I love to photograph there. The beautiful arctic coast is home to an incredible array of birds that migrate from all over the world. The moody light and weather of the far north Arctic is exactly perfect for making beautiful fine art nature photography. Everything from Grizzly bears to snow geese to Alaska Marmots to yellow billed loons; the Arctic is a fine art nature photography paradise The red throated loons, the snowy owls, the king eiders, the spectacled eiders, the fox, the caribou; it is such a blessing and an honor work in this place and fine art nature photography that comes from it is a a reminder of the incredible richness that the arctic and indeed all wilderness areas offer us.

The Brooks Range is in and of itself Fine Art Photography heaven right here on earth. An amazing place with light unlike anywhere else in the world. With the beauty of nature so well expressed in these beautiful mountains making fine art nature photography is really a matter of being there; the art is the courtesy of God Himself.

Of course working in Alaska means working in Denali national park and Denali National Park means Fine Art Nature Photography to a great many people. Denali National Park is one of the most beautiful places in all the world and yet it is just one more amazing place in Alaska. The autumnal colors offer up fine art nature photography that is so visually stunning that photographs can be missed while just soaking in the incredible beauty. Autumn in Alaska is an incredible experience and Denali National Park serves it up. Actually the whole state of Alaska is a fine art nature photography cornucopia.

From Homer on the Homer Spit to Deadhorse, fine art nature photography is so incredibly abundant and we are blessed to enjoy and experience it and we are privileged to create fine art photographs here. Then you begin to look east and west in Alaska and you are greeted with the wonders of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in eastern Alaska and Lake Clark National Park in western Alaska. The Richardson Highway heading down to Valdez is an amazing autumn photo trip to take and I would highly recommend it. Thompson pass explodes with colors in the fall, it is amazing. Fine Art Photography on glaciers is available almost everywhere in Alaska and a very unique experience.

And birds. My oh my does my beloved Alaska have birds. From the Kenai to the Arctic coast millions of birds migrate to Alaska for the summer. Opportunities for fine art nature photography is at it’s peak in early spring with the advent of the awakening of the bears, the moose dropping moose calves, the arrival of all of the migratory birds in droves, it is an amazing rapture of activity. My very favorite time of year actually.

I am so honored to make fine art nature photographs in this incredibly wild and diverse place and the fine art prints of nature that I am able to produce are stunning testaments to the beauty of this place. I encourage you to browse through all of our fine art nature photographs in search of the fine art nature print or fine art nature prints (smile) that bring you the most joy and would most excellent in your own life. I realize that everyone enjoys a different aspect of nature photography and I hope and trust that we have something to offer you in our fine art web gallery but if you do not see a fine art photograph of what are looking for I would like to go ahead and recommend trying out Thomas Mangelsen’s website, he may very well have what you are looking for. Mr. Mangelsen photographs extensively in Alaska and has for years and he makes absolutely beautiful fine art nature photographs. Additionally Mr. Mangelsen’s fine art nature photography prints are also of the highest order of quality as I have had the privilege of visiting several of his fine art nature photography galleries in person.

I would like to thank you again for visiting our online fine art nature photography gallery and our fine art photography website as a whole. I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself and that you come back again very soon. If we are able to provide you with some viewing enjoyment with our fine art nature photography then that is wonderful. If you decide to purchase one of our fine art nature prints then we are very grateful. And if you are just doing some research on on a potential trip to Alaska then we certainly hoped we helped convince you what a special place Alaska is.