Fine Art Nature photograph of a Great Gray Owlet Stretching its new wings. Alaska

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I would like to personally welcome you to our Fine Art Landscape Photography and Fine Art Nature Photography web gallery. Here you will find fine art nature prints, fine art Black & White prints, Fine Art Landscape prints and Fine Art Landscape Panoramas for purchase. Of course you are welcome to browse the web gallery and enjoy viewing all of the fine art photography we offer here.

I would like to introduce you to the categories we have available in our web gallery. We have a Black & White photography gallery area that you are welcome to review. This online gallery contains our a selection of our Fine Art Black & White Photography prints that are for sale. Our Fine Art Black & White Landscape photographs all originate from Black and White film negatives. The film is exposed using a large format technical camera in the field with the finest in large format lenses. This creative process is in keeping with the tradition of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Minor White and great the other Black and White Fine Art Photography Masters of years gone by.

The next online fine art photography gallery I would like to mention is the Panoramic gallery. This is our online gallery of Fine Art Landscape Panoramic photography. These fine art landscape panoramic photographs originate from a 6x17 cm film negative as opposed to a digital multi capture and the film is exposed on a large format technical camera. Fine Art Panoramic Landscape prints are available in a variety of sizes for your choice however keep in mind that these fine art landscape prints are full of incredible detail that are best appreciated in a larger fine art panoramic landscape print.

The Landscape online gallery is our Fine Art Landscape Photography gallery. In this gallery you will find fine art landscape prints that originate in multiple camera formats. All prints originating from film originate from professional grade film, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Provia, and Kodak 100VS. These transparency originals are the finest grain, highest color fidelity films produced in the world and regardless of original format size scale up to 40x50 prints without degradation when scanned by a high resolution drum scanner as these all are.

The Nature online gallery is of course our Fine Art Nature Gallery where beautiful fine art nature prints are available for purchase. These fine art nature prints are all from original digital captures on the finest Nikon professional camera equipment. Many of these fine art nature photographs have their origins on the arctic coast of Alaska where the infamous battle over the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is centered. All of the arctic coast of Alaska is exceptionally beautiful but the arctic coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is special in that it is the only coast line remaining that is not currently open to oil exploration and extraction. Birds by the hundreds of thousands flock to this special place to procreate and they need this land for their habitat. You need this land for their habitat lest you in the south loose the birds that come to your homes in the winter migrations. Please consider donating to the Wilderness Society to fund the fight to keep ANWR free from industrial intrusion.

The New Releases online gallery is our collection of fine art landscape photographs and fine art nature photographs that have been recently released for sale. The fine art prints in this online gallery will rotate into their respective online gallery as new fine art prints are released.

Please visit our Fine Art Nature Photography Blog and share our work in progress. Here you will find a collection of fine art nature photographs that are in review for inclusion in our collection so if you like something please be sure to comment or email us. At other times we will post information regarding our travels that you will enjoy and will find resourceful for your trip to Alaska.

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