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The Bald Eagle was selected as the national emblem in 1782.  The bald eagle is classified as a bird of prey and has broad wings, a white head and white tail in adult plumage.  Early explorers reported the bald eagle as abundant throughout the east coast and Alaska in particular.  In 1917 the government placed a bounty on of 50 cents on the bald eagle with that amount increasing to two dollars by 1949.  This in addition pesticides result in a crash in the population and the Bald Eagle was placed on the endangered species list in 1966. Alaska wildlife images, american bald eagle, american eagles, bald eagle, bald eagle art, bald eagle images, bald eagle photo, bald eagle photos, bald eagle pictures, bald eagles, birds eagle, eagle, eagle art, eagle bird, eagle images, eagle photo, eagle photography, eagle photos, eagle picture, eagle pictures, eagle prints, eagle soaring, eagle watching, eagle wildlife, flying eagle, talons eagle, the bald eagle

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A majestic Alaskan Eagle perches on the post of a pier that was destroyed in the Alaskan earth quake of 1964. Surveying for the hunt in the lightly falling snow the Resurrection Bay provides ice free hunting year round. Edition of 500.



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